19 May, 2006 feet...

Last night, I thought I was going to be the computer guy all night -- the one who sits in the tiny office and doesn't ever really leave there -- so I wore my kick-@$$ high-heel loafers. I should've called and double-checked the schedule. I was actually the floor-walking trouble shooter. And there was a lot of trouble to shoot!

Actually, given the amount of walking I did, I'd say my feet fared well. Of course, as soon as I clocked out, I took my shoes off and walked out to my car in bare feet. No sense wearing those torture devices any longer than absolutely necessary, right?

I learned my lesson though. I'll be wearing comfy shoes for the conceivable future.


S*:) said...

You get your feet from MY side of the family. I see women wearing pretty shoes, or I see pretty shoes in the stores ... but then I remember how NOT pretty it is to hobble around like a cripple because of shoes.

Janette said...

I had to give up pretty shoe lust a few years ago. Now I'll settle for half-way cute as long as they don't have me limping at the end of the day. Or worse.

And a tip: Buy some cheap but comy, generic shoes and toss then in your trunk and forget about them. You'll remember them when you need them.