15 May, 2006

Confounded Confetti!

There's a commercial on TV these days. I can't remember what it's for. An employee is handed a cupcake with an unlit candle on the top and told 'happy anniversary.' And his boss calls him by the wrong name. It's funny. And yet so unlike my own anniversary experience.

Yesterday was my 6th company anniversary. I had forgotten until four of our managers surrounded my desk and showered me with confetti. And when I say "showered me with confetti," I mean it. I got up from my desk and shook out my shirt and about 30 little confettis came out the bottom. There were another 20 or so on my chair. They were in my hair. And they were allll over the floor. (oh the poor cleaning guy!)

A few hours later, after my lunch, I stopped in the bathroom and when I turned around to flush, there was a little red confetti floating in the toilet. It's not a good thing to laugh out loud in the bathroom stall... someone is bound to ask what you're laughing at. I had to share. And that was the big laugh to the others at the help desk last night.

I came home, got changed, played on the computer, watched my two hours of Sunday taped TV (OMG...the Grey's Anatomy finale tonight is going to kick @$$), and went to the bathroom before bed. Yep -- not only were there three more in the toilet, I pulled off another three that were stuck to my butt cheek! And this morning another one fell off of me. I don't know where they're coming from!!

I sincerely hope that that was the last one... because it's really starting to creep me out. It's just not natural! Anyway, happy anniversary to me!!


Janette said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations!

Personally I love confetti. It's not a party without confetti!

Confetti aseems to make it "officially" a festive occassion!

S*:) said...

Awww! They really blessed your heart, and your butt!