24 May, 2006


Yesterday we got the greatest letter in the mail: a confirmation from the cruise line for our latest payment. BALANCE DUE: $ .00

Woo HOO! Less than seven months from now we'll be sailing the high seas on an all-too-short 4 day getaway for our anniversary. And now we can focus on saving up for rum-based drinks and tacky "Bahamas" souveniers. And shore excursions... can't forget the shore excursions... December may not be the best time to snorkel, but that's not going to stop us from trying.

Of course, without Mike & Reyna along, there probably won't be many pictures of us together... but with my hair, that might not be a bad thing!!

1 comment:

Mommy Joy said...

The 80's called. They need their bangs back!