07 May, 2006


I got pooped on at work yesterday. That's figurative poop, of course. And I can't talk about it in such a public forum. But apparently there's a trouble maker trying to influence someone else to complain about EVERYTHING, and I got pooped on in the process.

One of my old roommates had a saying that went something along the lines of "When you look around and the entire world is wrong, you might actually be the one who's wrong." Anyway, when you go to management and complain about multiple people doing their jobs in a way other than the way you want them to, perhaps it's you who has unreasonable expectations of others. Or maybe you're just not doing your job correctly.

I promised myself I would stay in this position for at least a year. At this rate, I'm wondering if I'm going to make it to October. The entire balance of the office is shifting. We've had two managers leave in the past month (of the 11 managers over our department, only 5 were there when I started). We're losing one Help Desk person this month, and another is actively looking for another job. And down on the floor, we're losing more operators than I can keep up with. Some are going elsewhere in the company, and some are just leaving.

A few of us were discussing exit interviews yesterday, and wondering why our office doesn't do them. Perhaps then the managers could figure out why we're hemmorhaging people like rats off a sinking ship (oh I LOVE mixed metaphors!!). Maybe they'd rather not know. But we have a department of 120ish people. And with 1 or 2 new-hire classes of 8 people every month, we're still under-staffed. I just don't understand why they don't care that everyone is leaving.

Well, I've really only got my eye on one job. And when it opens up, I may apply regardless of whether or not it's October. Or maybe I'll just go part-time as a waitress somewhere. I'd probably be making more money... (just kidding Scott...don't have a heart attack!)


mommy joy said...

Aunt Rose advised me once to NEVER have a problem with ANYONE you work with ... and NEVER go to management! Always "appear" to be part of the solution and not part of the problem ... managers are like parents: They don't care about what's right, they just want quiet. Fly below their radar and persecute any one you can in any way you can ... as long as you can NEVER get caught. Remember, you're part of the solution. And MY advice would be, if you beat the poop out of someone, make sure there are no witnesses. I rarely give advice, but when I do, it's so profound! Don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Seems like you need to can that mickey mouse job... :)