15 May, 2006

Would YOU?

Have you heard the news? They're building a footbridge that sticks out 65 feet over the edge of the Grand Canyon... and it has GLASS FLOORS! You can look out between your feet and see the ground 3,800 feet below.

If you're a bridge, the Grand Canyon is probably the last place you'd want to be: 90 miles per hour vertical winds whip upward with tornado-like force, a condition endured by no other bridge in the world.

To secure the Skywalk, Lochsa Engineering in Las Vegas has cantilevered it atop the cliff with 94 steel rods that bore 46 feet into the limestone rock. As a result, it can support 70 tons of weight, equivalent to roughly 700 hefty men, although the maximum occupancy is set at 120 people.

OK, I acknowledge that it's safe. But I'm terrified of heights. I genuinely think that I couldn't force myself to walk that plank. (you know that scene in Shrek where Donkey is going across the rickety bridge across the lava lake and he freaks out? I picture myself on this thing that way) But if I could, I'm sure the pictures would be great. Scott says he wouldn't walk it either. Anyone among us who WOULD?

(I got the story and the image from, who got it from Popular Science)


Janette said...

Oooh, too cool! I may have to post on this. I LOVE heights, love bungee jumping and would love to sky dive. The birdge sounds so cool!

Anonymous said...

Heck no! I am scared of heights, too! It would be like a Fear Factor stunt for me. There would have to be money on the other side and even then, maybe not.

S*:) said...

I could easily, effortlessly walk on it! It wouldn't bother me in the least ... but I'm still not going on any roller coasters! I guess we all have our irrational fears!

BSumner said...

no way jose...