31 May, 2006

Shopping Spree!

Poor Scott endured a Day-o-Jamie today. Lots and lots of shopping. We set out with two things in mind: white dresses and work clothes. We started at Penney's, and there were quite a nice selection of white dresses... in sizes much smaller than mine. Of course, I expected that. I really figured I'd get some work clothes there. Not so much. I'm trying to limit the amount of synthetic materials in my shirt selection, and almost everything was polyester. I did, however, get a long chocolate brown halter dress and a pair of brown short pants. Both were on the clearance racks. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the dress, but it was half-off and it's so great. I'm thinking dinner on the cruise, or any other semi-dressy occasion. I just need to buy a shrug or a shawl to go with it, because no one needs to see that much of my back!

I also found a pale blue sweater at Old Navy. It's one of those that's low-cut enough that you have to wear something under it. And it has a hood. It's so cute! And did I mention it was on clearance for half-off?

After the mall, we hit the outlets, and I got a pair of black dress pants, a pair of brown dress pants, a short-sleeve purple sweater, a tan camisole with eyelet trim (to go with the Old Navy sweater), and two pairs of shoes. What kind of shoes? I'm so glad you asked! I got a pair of very sensible pumps for work (black, with a 3/4" heel) and a pair of very un-sensible pink fake Converse hi-tops that look SO cute with the jeans I was wearing today. Every girl needs a pair of pink sneakers, right??

All told, I stayed within my budget for the day and got 3 bottoms, 2 tops, a dress, and 2 pairs of shoes for less that "Fabulous John" would pay for one pair of jeans. If only all of my shopping trips were this successful!


Mommy Joy said...

Maybe your shopping trip was successful because Scott was there!

Janette said...

UGH! I hate shopping! Should you need it I have multiple coupons for $10 off at JCPenny. Hate 'em, likely won't use 'em unless Hubby needs shoes.

Did I mention that I hate shopping? Hate, HATE, HATE it....really. I hate it.