05 April, 2006


I had a request for new pics of Zoe Pig. And who am I to deny my favorite sister-in-law? Here's four, taken just now. I imagine she'll be hiding until morning. She really hates when I do this kind of stuff to her!

It amazes me how she can look so big one minute and so tiny the next. The little igloo in the foreground is where I keep her hay. Sometimes I put the hay on top so that she has to climb to get it, and sometimes I put the hay inside. It's really fun to watch her smoosh her whole body really really small to fit through the opening. No, I don't think of it as torture - I think of it as mental stimulation. I want her to be the smartest Piggy in her class. :o)

I have one more picture I'd like to share. This is Milo in his glory. Milo in a box, surrounded by lots of other boxes. This also gives a little scope to the disaster area that our living room has become. There's cardboard everywhere!


Janette said...

Zoe is huge compared to the last photos! But she's still so pretty!

Glad to see that someone is enjoying all the boxes, Milo looks so happy. Thanks for indulging me.

Thanks for everything!

Mommy Joy said...

Milo is still the cutest ... or at least the most photogenic!