18 April, 2006

Tax on the Stupid

The same lotto jackpot that my work friends and I failed to win last week is now up to an $82 million drawing tomorrow night. You know what really sucks about that? There's a lot of out-of-state people in the area right now for spring break, and I'd be really bummed if some rich dysfunctional family from Suburbia wins my money!

Anyway, Scott has a work meeting tomorrow, and I have to take my car out for gas, so I'm going to stop and buy a couple bucks worth of tickets (I think I have a card of 5 ticket selections in my glove compartment already). What am I going to do with my winnings?

1) give $100,000 (minus taxes) to anyone who leaves a comment in this entry telling what you would do with the money. (offer expires 11:59 pm e.d.t. 4/19/06) who's a comment whore now?? lol

2) pay off all debts owed by me and Scott

3) "retire"

4) buy a modest house for my cats and hire them a full-time nanny

5) cruise around the world (since Scott hates to fly)

Then when we get home we'll find a house, invest, and figure out what to do with the rest of our lives.


Matthew D (real name given for legal pourposes) said...

I don't plan to buy a ticket.. so I will live vicariously through you...

Buy all kinds of really cool insurance and reinforcements for my house before the NEXT MAJOR DISASTER STRIKES IT.
Buy some really nice jewlery for Kristen (ring anyone?)

Janette said...

I would move silently in the middle of the night to an undisclosed location to escape the bane of my existance. (Stepmothers aren't the only women who have evil yet accurate stereotypes.)

BrendaS said...

which lotto is this??? I'd hire a helper for a week, check into a fancy hotel, and sleep

Anonymous said...

I have always said that I would buy a hotel at the beach, so I could live there and make money at the same time. I would also have to have really good insurance on it. If you win, I will let you know who to write the check to ;-)

The ParkHopper said...

sorry A... that's not how my game is played. ;-)

Mommy Joy said...

Wow! There really is such a thing as a comment whore! Who knew? I'd pay off my house, and credit cards, and give the rest to my wonderful daughter!