13 December, 2006

And What Did YOU Do Tonight?

We went to see The Lion King tonight in Orlando. Considering I've wanted to see the show since it opened on Broadway (and listened to the soundtrack a million times... up until it was stolen from my car last year), I walked in with some pretty high standards.

And I was completely blown away.

The only thing that really disappointed me was the behavior of the people immediately to my front, back, and left. Popular shows bring out people who don't know how to behave in a live theater setting. They talked every time there's wasn't a big ensemble dance number.

But the show was incredible. Here's a collage I picked off a website. The pictures don't really tell the story, but you get a pretty good feel for the visuals.
I'm practically speechless. And I'm really tired. So please consider the above worth more than the 1,000 words I'd be spitting out. I give the show JJJJj out of JJJJJ.


NJLovesponge said...

Perhaps they did not know how to act because it takes a special kind of East Coast Homo to appreciate Broadway?

Janette said...

Sounds great and looks awesome! Glad you had a good time.

Too bad about the people around you though. I just love live theater! I despise the movie theater (primarly because of rude people) but I'm a sucker for just about any live theater. That's partly because the people at live performances usually know how to behave. I don't think I've ever been to a play where I was disturbed by audience members talking.