16 December, 2006

Let There Be Prints

I bought myself this nifty photo printer a million years ago. Then it took a while to unpack the box. Then I couldn't find the power cord for a month. Then I didn't have time to deal with the whole set-up thing. Then I set it up, only to find that I had lost the software CD!

So yesterday in a short-lived fit of genius, I went on and downloaded the software. I say short-lived because as the software was unzipping itself and installing on my computer, I grabbed the small box that I thought held my photo paper and found myself staring at the stinkin' CD!

And this morning I decided I MUST have prints. So now I have ten photos of our last cruise. And I'll have ten more when I unpack the box that the free bonus pack of paper and bonus print cartridge came in.

And now that I'm in business, I guess the best Christmas/Birthday/I Love You gift for years to come will be copious amounts of photo paper!

By the way, I was planning on going in to work early today and only staying a few hours. I still plan on only staying a few hours, but I'm obviously not going to get there earlier than noon!

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