07 December, 2006


I thought this was a good way to start talking about the cruise - with the one major change since March. The pirate ship above is the Flying Dutchman from Pirates II. It's Davy Jones's ship, which spends most of its time below the surface, along with its crew of undead sailors in various states of transition from man to sea life. Anyway, it is now anchored at Castaway Cay. I took about a dozen pictures of it between 3 cameras. The picture above was taken with my camera, which we all know doesn't do details. But the detail work on the ship was pretty overwhelming.

And as you can tell, we ordered a nice overcast day to make the pictures even more ominous. Actually, the weather that day pretty much sucked. We did get in an hour of snorkeling, but as we got to the adult beach, the weather was windy and gray and chilly and drizzling. The bright side: we got a hammock. The unfortunate part: we huddled under a towel attempting to stay warm and dry. We lasted about a half hour. Then we went to the big BBQ for lunch and back to the ship for a nap.

There were lots of naps during this trip. That would be a direct result of Scott waking up every day at the crack of dawn (or before). We upgraded ourselves to a stateroom with a veranda, which was pretty sweet. The clouds kept us from seeing a sunrise, but we did catch a mediocre sunset on the last night.

More to come. And if I can shake the sleepiness out of my head (there was no nap... I had some taped TV to catch up on) perhaps I'll put together a little slide show for another entry. For now, here's a picture of the two of us, on our 1,096th evening as husband and wife.

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Janette said...

Awww!!!! You both look fantastic! And happy!

Happy anniversary and congratulations to you both on three wonderful years!