18 December, 2006

Blowing a Sneeze Out of Proportion

I admit it right up front. This bothers me more than I know it should. And yet still I am blogging about it. It's happened before and slid out of my mind, but this time it stuck and is festering.

When my boss sneezes in our office, there is a whole chorus of "bless you"s from everyone in the room. It's as if we have all united for a common goal: to wipe the nose of our lord and master (notice the lower-case letters. I'm not even implying that anyone believes the boss to be a deity).

Tonight, it was just me and Number Two (that's what we decided to call the junior manager, right?) in the office. I sneezed, and immediately after you could hear a friggin' pin drop.

This really bugs me. He's already established a precedent of acknowledging sneezes. But apparently I don't rank high enough to be blessed by him. What does that say?
* You aren't worth polite pleasantries
* I don't respect you
* I ignore your noisy interruption of my e-mail reading

I'm not saying that Number Two isn't a nice guy. He and I have some fun together. And he's even starting to understand when I can and can't drop what I'm doing to do something for him. But this really speaks to me about the kind of person he really is. There's a pretty popular school of thought that if you want to know what type of person someone is, watch how they treat their waiter... or anyone else of a lower rank. And I think he is focused upward instead of outward. It's probably going to burn him some day.

And besides, it's just plain rude to not acknowledge when someone sneezes. And now that I have gotten that off my chest, I am going to bed.

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