15 December, 2006


It occurred to me today that this is my fifth Christmas with Scott.


And this is our fourth married Christmas.


And so far I've only bought three presents for him.


Between now and Christmas, I have two days off.


I only have one of those days off by myself.


Today I actually ended up home for most of the afternoon by myself. I decided that, although I would love to cough up phlegm on the jerks at wal mart, I just wasn't up for that kind of excitement. I'll do a whirlwind shopping tour on Monday, followed by a whirlwind of wrapping gifts.

And the wreath? It's still in the pantry. I haven't figured out how to light and hang it, since none of the places I wanted to hang it have a stud. And it's probably a little too heavy for drywall. Oh well, if all else fails, I can just rest it on the floor and give the cats a Merry Christmas. least that will give me plenty of fodder for the 2008 calendar!