25 December, 2006

Christmas Booty ( @$$ pictures here!)

Scalzi's Christmas Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of a present you've received during the holidays.

Just one present? How can I pick? How about a picture of the booty all piled up in the living room? I think I'll share:(yes, that is a silicone bundt pan filled with Christmas candy with a Santa PEZ dispenser stuck in the middle. I thought it made quite the festive candy bowl!)

And of course, is there anything Milo loves as much as Christmas wrap? I don't think so!
(For those of you on the ParkHopper Calendar subscription list, keep an eye out for this photo in December of 2008)

And here's the imaginary conversation going on in my head right now:

Internet: Why Jamie, how ever did you get such a clear picture of Milo indoors on a cloudy day?
Jamie: Why Internet, that would be thanks to the great new digital camera that Santa left me. And the cats chipped in to buy me a camera bag - which you can see in photo #1 - large enough to hold the camera and a picnic lunch. I'm ready to go on safari!
Internet: And what did the pets buy for Scott?
Jamie: Kilo bought him a bag of black socks, ZoePig bought him Spaceballs on DVD, and Milo bought him a Chia Herb Garden.
Internet: Really? Chia?
Jamie: Yeah, Milo is really into random unexpected gifts... especially ones that come in boxes and involve potential new plants for him to chew on! Of course, they all did better than I did. I bought him a video game that he already had (I should've known - it looked like the most violent one on the shelf - that's why I bought it!) along with some other things he didn't know he wanted!

Well, Internet, it was nice chatting with you. Merry Christmas. I'm off to check out the special features on my POTC: DMC DVD.


Janette said...

Love it! You should post more exchanges between you an Internet. One of you is hysterical.

Laura said...

you scored! glad to see the kitty got some too.