01 December, 2006

Good? No. Plenty? Yes.

I brought my candy box in to work last month and filled it with candy corn (gotta love those post-halloween clearance sales!). After 2 bags of candy corn, we went through m&m's, reece's peanut butter cups, and more m&m's.

I put a little sign up over the box that had a great quote from Charles Schulz: "All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." When I put the peanut butter cups in, I added a warning on bright orange paper that said, "WARNING: Peanut Butter Cups may contain peanuts. duh!" People loved it.

Well, one of our servers made a crack today about the empty candy bin (it had been empty maybe 30 minutes, after the boss ate the last 6 m&m's). She asked if she had to bring her own from home, and said that was the only reason to come in the office*.

And so I had to punish her. The only candy in the office to fill the bin with were Good & Plenty. Does anyone out there besides my mom actually like these things? So I used the G&P's to fill up the bin. The boss said I needed to make a new warning sign for them. So I did. It has the Good & Plenty logo embedded in the phrase,

"This candy isn't very GOOD...
But there's PLENTY of it.
So eat up!"

I am betting that, unless someone dumps them out and replaces them with something good, they will still be in the bin when I get back from vacation. I guess they'll be happy to see me return after all!

*Note: it was light-hearted kidding -- she wasn't being nearly as snarky as it seems typed out.

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Janette said...

That's a great way to make them miss you while you're gone! Leave crappy candy but be CERTAIN to replace it with great candy your first day back!!! A lesson taught by a negative should always be followed by positive reinforcement!