22 December, 2006

SO Done

My shopping isn't complete. But I am done. I stopped at Wal Mart tonight on my way home to pick up one thing. I checked the three logical (to me) places store that I thought it might be.

Further proof that Scott won't need to save me a seat in Heaven, because I'll be riding the Hell Bus: While walking past the toy section, I encountered 2 blue-vested wonders chatting. The man was telling the woman that his wife was admitted to the hospital this morning. Literally the first thought that popped into my head was, "is that why you forgot to put on deodorant?" I didn't WANT to think it. I wasn't going around looking for snark. It just happened. And I feel guilty about it. But the man really was ripe.

Anyway, after I checked the three logical places, I decided to swing through another department to see if they had another item that was out of stock the last time I was in. It wasn't. So I went up front and found yet another blue-vested wonder. I asked her if they had the first item I was looking for. She tried to send me to another department, and then I realized that she barely spoke english and she was sending me the wrong way. I tried again, using different words. She says they don't sell said item. I don't know if they do or not, but I was darn sick of trying.

So, nearly crying from frustration, I left Wal Mart, called Scott and proclaimed to him that I am DONE shopping and that he can have the remains of my Christmas budget in cash. But I lied about that. I'll let him pick what he wants and I will buy it. Cash is a cop-out. Sure, it's probably the best gift you can give someone. But it says, "I don't care enough about you to think too hard about your gift."

And speaking of gifts for people I don't care about, I apparently work in a small enough department that people all exchange gifts. Crap. I'm thinking about making mini loaves of banana bread. I only need to do 5 or 6, and I think that the people in Scott's office weren't faking when they ooh-ed and ahh-ed when I made a loaf for them. Does that sound like an acceptable gift?

Of course, this is going to require Scott to run to the store for bananas and eggs and mini loaf pans because, as we've already established, I am not going back into a store until January!

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Janette said...

The banana bread mini loaves sound like a great solution. Exchanging gifts with people you barely know is always weird.