21 December, 2006

I Just Want to Hug Her!

Yep... that's what I said to the boss last night when he asked how Girl Trainee (who shall now be called GT) did on her first day. I actually had her DO some things. And she DID them. She's not working today, but when she comes back in on Friday, I am going to work with her for 2 hours and then set her loose with minimal supervision. That's the plan. We'll see how it pans out. She's not ready to work on her own, but I just don't have time to train her the way I would like.

Sadly, unless she turns out to be a REALLY quick study, we are going into AAA season desperately behind. Our other daytime part-timer is off until the second week of January. We won't be able to make calls this Sunday or Monday (darn those holidays), and our counts are so high it's really tough to make enough calls to begin with.

For this aspect of my job, I just have to accept that this is one of those "the darkest hour is just before dawn" situations. I am already working an extra day. There's not much else I can do, and not much else the others are willing to do. But GT is a quick study and she's actually trying. Plus, I am training her to do things exactly the way I like them done. She's going to be great!

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