17 December, 2006

Holiday Newsletter

Scott and I have gotten two holiday newsletters this season - one from a friend with three kids, and one from a friend with... umm... an XBox. I love holiday newsletters. My cousin Jenny (yeah, I called her Jenny) has put out a great one ever since her first daughter was born. She's got a new infant now, so I'm not really sure if she's doing one this year (or if I have been bumped from the list for never sending out cards of my own).

Scott asked if maybe we should send out cards this year, but I don't think that's wise. Sending cards out this late only says to people, "you should have put me on your list." Besides, I'm lazy. Next year we'll send them out - on November 1. And we'll watch the number go WAY higher than the 4 or 5 we've gotten this year.

I do plan on doing a holiday newsletter and e-mailing it to everyone we care about. If I get my butt in gear and get our snorkeling pictures developed on Monday (yep... that's the hold-up), then I can slap it together on Tuesday.

Come to think about it, it's been a pretty eventful year, even without my dental escapades. Off the top of my head, I own my car, I have a new step dad (may he not be evil), 3 separate vacations, my new job, guinea pig, Lion King...

I think that might be enough.

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Janette said...

Hmm, I had no idea that was what sending out cards this late meant. People can be insulted by a Christmas card? Oops, too bad. I just mailed mine out today. I guess that means that I just insulted all the people that I care about the most.

...just in time for the holidays!