02 December, 2006


Are 9 pairs of underwear enough for a 4-night cruise?

Well, a few days ago, I promised you a story of underwear, and now I'm going to attempt to tell it in 10 minutes or less.

While at wal mart, I picked up a pack of undies that were really soft. I also picked up a bunch of other ones - but I hadn't tried this particular "chiffon" type before. I got home and commenced Operation Unwrap and Wash, removing all of my new undergarments from their bags, boxes, hangers and tags. I wasn't really paying much attention to the actual products coming from the packages (really... it's underwear... how interesting could it be?) until I noticed that the "chiffon" pack had writing on the inside cardboard that the undies were wrapped around. I'm sorry to say that I failed to save that cardboard, but the wording said something along the lines of

These panties will fit you. They have some remarkable 360-degree stretch mechanism that makes this possible. And they won't give you a wedgie.

Funny...that's not what you usually see INSIDE the package! And that's when I noticed the panties. I couldn't stop laughing. Then Scott turned around and HE started laughing. Seriously? These things are supposed to fit my @$$?

Kilo shown for scale. I think we'd all agree that he is large, but not as large as I am!

So of course I tried them on. All they fit. But what if the security people on the cruise think I'm some sort of pedophile for travelling with kids' underpants?


Janette said...

They're teenie tiny panties! You'll have to do a follow up post and let us know if they're comfy. If so they're miracle panites because they don't look like they'd be comfy at all. They look like they'd give Milo a wedgie!!!

Anonymous said...

"Are 9 pairs of underwear enough for a 4-night cruise?"

Depends on what kind of cruise it is...