28 March, 2006

... and another box

I told Scott I'm just about at the end of my mental rope as far as these boxes go. Today's box actually included some of those items I said were missing -- my Playbills, the autographed picture of Ty (which I can't WAIT to show all the girls at work on Thursday!!), and some slides of my childhood (there's lots more).

I am finding some chunks of fun and humor in the boxes. The box full of naked Cabbage Patch Dolls and a saddle (for a Cabbage Patch Show Pony) made me belly laugh. It was like bad dolly s & m porn. A picture of my Aunt Rose and cousin Laura taken 30+ years ago when Laura was only 6 months old was instantly labeled "blackmail material" by Scott. Today I was reading notes between me and Bill, who was my boyfriend for a month or two during my freshman year of high school (today he's a waiter at a 5-star restaurant, and he lives with his boyfriend). How could I not know he was gay? It was painfully obvious reading the notes!

And of course, there's a certain amount of irony. Two weeks ago, I made a comment about not owning any pictures of myself in my orange sequin color guard uniform. Today, I have almost a dozen pictures of just that. I also have prom pictures, beach pictures (Aunt Mary in a bikini? lol), first birthday pictures, chicken pox pictures, an 8x10 of me Laura and Alicia wearing matching dresses, slides of my mother at age 5ish, slides of me dressed as Cleopatra for Halloween, and slides of me and Mom at the Magic Kingdom when I was really little (stroller age).

I keep telling myself to be glad that I have these tangible pieces of the past and that they weren't just thrown in the garbage. I keep finding the positive pieces in every box. But I'm ready for the boxes to stop coming so that I can sort through them all at once and decide what goes where. I want this chapter to be over.


Janette said...

Honestly, as someone who just produced a funeral based on just about he same crap...take it all, tuck it away! Know that no matter how inane that crap may seem to be now, your kids will love it later.

We spent the last week weeding through the same kind of stuff and we wished we had more!

I know it's odd but it's true.

Janette said...

Oh, and were we talking about gay boy friends? Prom date...totatally gay. I didn't even know it until a very intimate discussion with another gay friend later. Pffft!

I guess I made a great beard!

Janette said...

One more thing...there are NO photos of me in the cheerleading uniform...but I totally appreciatiate the photos of you in the flag corps outfit!

I'm just sayin'...

MommyJoy said...

How about now, Jame? How are you enjoying the contents of the boxes?