22 March, 2006


It's been a long time since I've seen a roach in our apartment. The last time, it was on the wall in my bedroom. It was 2 am, and Scott was asleep. I considered waking him, but thought that would be mean. Even after I went into the living room for a shoe, I thought maybe he'd be glad that I was thoughtful enough to get him a shoe before waking him up. Ultimately, I sucked it up and didn't wake him up... until the SLAM of his big heavy shoe on the wall. I was lucky - the thing fell off the wall straight into his garbage can.

When Scott and I talked about that roach the next morning, he revealed to me that he had actually maimed it the night before I killed it - when he woke up and it was crawling on him in my bed. We went and bought a bunch of roach baits, and I haven't seen one since.

...until this morning.

I was grabbing darks off the top of Mt. Laundry Basket and saw a dark shape move. Yep - there was the back end of a roach hiding under Scott's favorite jeans. I thought about getting the can of Raid, but with Zoe Pig just a few feet away I didn't want to risk it. That left the shoe... on a pile of soft clothes. But I did it anyway. I got one of my old security shoes, got up on the bed (to prepare for the counter-attack), and slammed the shoe down. I think I killed the darn thing, since it was right between the shoe and the top edge of the basket. But it was under the jeans and I'm too chicken shit to pick them up and look. Even dead roaches creep me out to no end.

Besides, what if it's not dead?


Scott said...

I was paged at around 1230, 1 o'clock about the roach incident. I made it home at around six. We ate dinner, and, being sated, we decided to check on the roach. Jamie got on top of the bed with the shoe, I moved clothes....and found no roach...the saga continues.....

Janette said...

FREAKISH...I'll have nightmares from the story. I HATE roaches, they're actually the only thing I'm scared of.