12 March, 2006

I'm Not Lyin' - It's a Lion! (almost)

So umm... there really was a Florida panther out in that parking lot last night. The guy that got dispatched because of my phone call actually saw the thing. Honestly, this never happens. We always call with random, stupid things like "there's a lizard in my room" and by the time pest control gets out there, the monstrous creature has disappeared. So imagine my shock when I found out that it wasn't a bogus call after all. The guys and dolls at work were all pretty excited, too.

Disclaimer: We're not usually that easily excited. But the cheerleaders are in town... at this point, we'll cling to any interesting thought that doesn't involve a noise complaint or a prank phone call (I need my mom's room. last name O'Plasty, first name Angie)!


Janette said...

Kitty cat! Will they try to catch it or will they let him wander back out into the wild? I saw one crossing Turkey Creek Road once. Of course this was way back before they built up so much around there.

Your kitty was probably trying to get away from the noisy cheerleaders.

The ParkHopper said...

I don't know for sure, but here's my guess: Unless it gets too comfortable hanging out around people, they'll leave it alone. Just like the gators. I feel bad for the big animals around here though -- with the construction of the new beltway, a lot of their land has been destroyed. I guess they're just re-zoning!