29 March, 2006

Awkward Cake & Punch

Our work division (which includes our office and the Guest Communications office) had one of those awkward cake & punch type receptions yesterday for those of us nominated for PIE. Hosted by management, and attended by the rest of us, it was one of those "sit at a table with people you know and no one gets hurt" situations. Of the 18 nominees, I know exactly 9. The rest were from the other office. We had 4 separate speeches from our upper echelon management on how proud we should be to have been nominated, we got certificates (more on that to come), we shook hands with our big-big boss, we posed for pictures, and we had cake & punch.

This, I would imagine, is the closest I'm ever going to get to being nominated for an Oscar or an Emmy. And I get what they always say now, because I'm so proud of me for just being nominated. I mean, someone has to think of 11 nice things to say about you and write them out. I can barely think of 11 nice things to say about myself... and I'm around me all the time!!

I guess none of this really sunk in until I got my certificate. It's so pretty I may have to rearrange the stuff on the fridge to make a place for it! I told Scott we need a den... because dens are good places to hang diplomas and cheesey awards and stuff like this.

There are six of us from the Help Desk who were nominated, and I'd be pleasantly surprised if any of us actually got the award. If anyone does, I'll be sure to make a note. But like I said before, I'm pretty sure this is the end of the road for me. And I'm thrilled I got to go to the awkward cake & punch reception!!

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Janette said...

It sounds like it was very nice. Congratulations!