06 March, 2006

It's a Start

It took me all day yesterday and part of this morning to finish editing and labeling all of the cruise pictures. Between the computer having issues and my need to take a break every hour, it became a much longer process than I expected.

Janette, you were partly right. I did take a nap, and I did watch the Oscars, but I spent about 3 hours working on pictures before I did either of those.

Days One and Two of the cruise are now below. And it's time to stop. I need some tea and possibly a nap. I'm not promising to finish Day Three today, but I think it's probable.

...after the break.


Janette said...

Sounds like ya'll had fun (in spite of the cold).

Mmm, the food sounds yummy.

Mama Joy said...

HOw do I get to the pics?