13 March, 2006

I'm Sorry

Scott has a sore throat.

He's pretty miserable.

Strange, though -- we both thought that I caught what I had from him. After all, he's been having sinus issues for... well... about 15 years ;-). Anyway, it looks like I gave him the worst illness ever.

But then where did I get it?

At least it's almost the weekend. 8 more hours, and then he can camp out on 1/3 of the couch for two days.


Janette said...

Scott? The worst illness EVER? You should get him to the ER now! He's had the worst sore throats of anyone I've ever seen so if this is deemed as very bad it must be very, very bad indeed! Skip the Airborne and head straight for the penicillin.

And stop kissing on him, you've barely had time to recover from your dose of it!

Milo's Grammy Joy said...

I'm getting sick too! Hit me hard and fast this afternoon.