18 March, 2006

Pleasant Surprise

I thought that Blogger had eaten the entry below, since when I published it yesterday afternoon, there was some kind of "error" and all of my typing had disappeared. I was psyching myself up to rewrite the darn thing tonight, but it has appeared. Thank goodness, because I really didn't want to write a half-a$$ version of what I had written the first time.

It's an Irish miracle!


Janette said...

It did eat my comment! Ah well, no great loss.

Hmm, it was something to the effect of good for you for working with people who sound so nice.

Congrats and good luck.

Mom said...

Aye! Tis a blessin to be Irish. And like the lady said on Touched by an Angel,

"The Lard Loovs ya, Jamie, and He's gut a plan far yar life."

DEAL with it! Some Irish are pirates! That's why they talk like that!