16 March, 2006

Z. Pig and the Weekend

Last night, Scott and I cleaned Zoe's cage and I put her back in before actually putting the cage part back on top or putting her chube and hat back in. You know... so I could get a picture and not give her anywhere to hide.

I'm such a rotten piggy mommy!

Anyway, I feel bad for not posting at all over my weekend, but there really wasn't anything worth devoting an entire entry to.

- grocery shopping at Wal Mart almost led to Scott going postal because the a-holes were out in force... with their children.
- had Chinese buffet for lunch with Chris & Cathi on Tuesday
- had mac n cheese for dinner on Tuesday, possibly the best I've ever made (added a sprinkle of parmesan to the top before baking)
- have finished 13 sheets (26 pages) of the cruise scrapbook. the book has a total of 40 sheets, and I'm hoping to use 20 on this vacation and 20 on our December vacation.
- got Harry Potter 1-4 on DVD from Columbia House, but haven't gotten to watch any yet. All of a sudden, we're over-run with DVDs... and have about 15 more than we have shelf space for. Time to rearrange!
- last night, Scott and I made lemon chicken, brown rice, and steamed asparagus for dinner with creme brulee for dessert. I was a little disappointed with the chicken, but it was an excellent meal overall.

and today, I return to work.


Janette said...

Such a cute widdle baby! Is she getting very big?

Scott said...

HUGE!!! GIGANTIC!!!! Really, she is coming along nicely, not as big as her brothers the last time I saw them, but still. She doesn't fit in the hand anymore. My baby is growing so fast! haha

Grammy Joy said...

Zoe reminds me of Jamie at that age! Especially the eyes!

I have a firm policy to never be in WalMart after 4PM ... that's when the mean people arrive! I forgot about that last Saturday ... geez! I couldn't get out fast enough!