21 March, 2006

Unsolicited Advice

The Naked Ovary refers to unsolicited advice as "assvice," which I think is rather clever and fitting. However, I'm about to dole it out to Matthew and Kristen, who are going on a seven-night Disney Cruise next week. (by the way, happy early birthday Kristen... watch out for the "special birthday dessert!") And when I speak, how could it possibly be "assvice?"

Below is a letter that Scott and I wrote on the last night of our cruise. It is on the last page of the March section of our cruise scrapbook. A letter to whom? Check it out:

4 March, 2006

Dear Future Scott and Jamie,

Here are some lessons we learned on this trip that you should keep in mind for future cruises:

* Book a handicapped-accessible stateroom -- ROOMY!
* Pack the following: random medicines, shaving cream, extra comfy shoes, body wash, extra pillow, water-proof camera, bottled water, watch
* Skip the following: Nassau, aerosol sunscreen (which had pro's and con's), excursion packages at Castaway Cay (weather is too much of a variable), rigatoni at Triton's (which has blue cheese...yecht!), duck & goat cheese flatbread at Animator's Palatte.
* Take a million pictures, and ask people to take pictures of you together
* See a sunset... and a sunrise
* Catch the fireworks
* Tap water is decent - don't waste bottled water inside the stateroom
* Don't over-schedule! relax relax relax

Love, Past Scott and Jamie

See, it's not really advice to you guys... it's advice to us, presented to you guys just in case you're interested. Oh - and one plea: PLEASE see the Cinderella show. It's the only one they don't do on the Wonder and I want to hear all about it.

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