17 March, 2006

Warm Fuzzy

As most of you know, I got nominated for PIE at work. That's a pretty big deal. And while I'm thrilled to be nominated, I don't feel like this has been my most excellent year of work and I feel rather undeserving. Of course, I did see a list of others in my workplace who were nominated, and I didn't really think most of them did anything stellar either. But I digress.

Nominees are rated in the second step by their direct manager and by two others, one chosen by the manager and one chosen by the nominee. But since the manager and the nominee are expected to come up with a mutually acceptable list, I have had to come up with 4 names (2 plus 2 alternates) to list as my raters. And it's a lot of pressure. Like I said, I don't feel like I've done so excellently, so I feel it's a little like saying, "would you mind wasting your time thinking of nice things to say about me?"

Anyway, I approached one of the newer people (secretary/treasurer of the Jamie fan club haha) and asked if she'd mind if I used her. Before I even finished talking, she said of course she would. And then another lady at the table volunteered to rate me. And another! One of the ladies who has been there almost as long as I have said that I could probably ask half the people in the building and they'd be happy to help me out. Strangely enough, the first one who volunteered isn't necessarily someone I have a strong relationship with. But she said that I'm one of the only people at the help desk who doesn't talk down to her, and that she knows that when she gets me on the phone she'll get the answer to her question with minimal attitude. That's nice.

Maybe I'm a little bit excellent after all.


Proud Mama said...

A little bit excellent after all. When you write your memoirs, that would be a great name for the book.

Remember that quote you used to quote? Something about being an adult the first time you can have a good laugh at yourself? Well, I think you become wise the first time you forgive yourself for not being perfect ... and stop expecting it of others.

Maybe from now on when I introduce you to people, I'll say, "This is my daughter, Jamie. She's a little bit excellent after all." I like that!

The ParkHopper said...

Thanks, mommy! That is a good title, perhaps I'll use it for my next blog. ;-)

NJlovesponge said...

Terrific!....Now do they give a mandatory raise for PIE....or does the mandatory poverty rule stay in effect? And do you get pie with PIE? I love pie! Especially fruit pie...yum yum de-licious!