22 March, 2006

Cat & Mouse

I think we're making progress on the barren cat tree. I had a brainstorm tonight and decided to tie the furry mouse-on-a-string to the top of the tree, and within 5 minutes Milo was up on the middle shelf batting it around.

...of course, Milo being Milo, he would pose for the camera every time I turned it on. This is his "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" pose.

In other pet news, today was cleaning day for Zoe Pig. I rearranged the stuff in her cage. I do this every week in some kind of lame attempt to make her believe her life is more interesting than just living in a box. "Ooh...I must be in a new and exotic land. The chube is diagonal here!" Or maybe the frequent vista changes will make her paranoid and neurotic. But she's like that anyway. We'll never know the difference!

As for Mr. Roach, he is still missing. Scott is trying to convince me that I hit him and he went under something to die. I don't buy it. I have the heebee jeebees like you wouldn't believe.

1 comment:

Janette said...

I'd be freaked out too. Show me the body or I won't sleep.

Seriously, I could sleep with a snake in the room...a roach? No way!