25 March, 2006


I started a new blog tonight. This is actually a co-blog from me and my "fabulous" manager John. It's still in its infancy (as in he knows I'm doing it, but hasn't even seen it yet), and is really just something that he and I are playing around with. Who knows what's going to happen when I get to work tomorrow!

Anyway, it is called John X: Adventures in Fabulousness, and I invite you to check it out. But please don't leave any comments... since he hasn't even seen it yet and it's "his" project!

In other news, we at the help desk are throwing an ice cream social tomorrow night for the rest of the call center. The new bid starts on Sunday, so it's a "thanks for a great past six months" kind of thing. Mostly though, I want ice cream and thought I'd share with the world.

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MommyJoy said...

Why, with the eyes concealed, I'll never recognize him!