23 February, 2006

American Idol - Week One - Guys

It's much harder for me to predict which guys will do well. After all, I've grown up as a female vocalist, and my ear is much more trained to pick up on what's good vs. what's bad. That being said, I think that only two of the guys have any chance at all of making it to the final show. The other four? Just fillers.

* Elliott Yamin - Simon proclaimed his voice the best of any male ever on American Idol. He was good... but 'best ever?' I think Simon has forgotten my boy Anwar from AI4!
* Taylor Hicks is Scott's favorite. I think he's interesting, but I'm seriously convinced he has musical turret's. He'll make the top 12, but I doubt he'll make it much farther than that. C'mon - the guy has gray hair. It's American Idol, not Father Figure Idol!
* Jose "Sway" Penala picked an awkward song to start off with, but he's got confidence and a ghetto superstar vybe that carries him through to the next round.
* I had a hard time deciding between Will Makar and Gedeon McKinney for this spot, but I'm going with Will. Paula compared him to Bobby Brady, and I think she nailed him on the head. Ultimately, I think Will will be carried by the powerful voices of millions of teenage girls with cell phones and speed dial.

and the two I think have a real chance:

* Ace Young has an amazing voice. He picked a great song... and he's just gorgeous. He's part rugged-handsome, part pretty boy, and part natural superstar.
* Chris Daughtry did an amazing rendition of a Bon Jovi song tonight. It's not an easy feat, but the guy has a natural stage presence and a definite rocker vybe. I think Bo Bice's fan base will push Chris far into the competition.

Anyway, I'm not going to revise my predictions in any way, and probably won't devote another entire entry to Idol until the Top 12 start their performances. You're welcome. :o)

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