21 February, 2006

Road Trip!

Somehow Scott and I slept until after noon today. This never happens. Maybe me or him, but not both of us! Anyway, we had a late start, but managed to squeeze in quite a full day in a few short hours.

Following lunch at Cracker Barrel, we drove down 192 all the way into ghetto Kissimmee. We were looking for a pet store. Why? My guinea pig bedding of choice isn't available at Wal Mart. This stuff doesn't have a smell, is super absorbent, and is softer than wood shavings or corn cob. Plus, it's what came in the starter kit, and I used that stock up today (weekly cage-cleaning day). I knew of a Pet Supermarket allll the way down in the shopping center across the street from my old shrink's office, but figured there MUST be one between here and there. There wasn't. And then Pet Supermarket didn't even carry what I wanted (but I did get a little bag of cotton fluff - her poo stuck to the fluff that came inside the Chube, so I threw it out)! We stopped at Target on the way home, and wouldn't you know, they had exactly what I was looking for - at only $4.99/bag. So I bought two bags. This ought to get me through at least a month!

After Target, Scott dropped me off at Fantastic Sam's and he went down the strip mall to the library. I got 1/2 to 1" of dead ends cut off -- Scott can't tell the difference, but it looks so much shorter to me! Plus I got shampooed - one of my greatest joys. When I win obscene money in the lottery, I'm going to get a full-time shampooist. Ahh... scalp massage...

Looking back, maybe it wasn't such a full day after all. But there was a two-hour American Idol to watch, cheese steaks for dinner (thanks, Scott!), and the trauma of cage cleaning (I cleaned the cage while Scott sweet talked Zoe... thanks again, Scott!). Plus we got some laundry done.

It looks like my babysitting services are going to be needed next Tuesday and possibly Wednesday, so Scott and I are going to do a little pre-vacation shopping tomorrow -- chapstick for me, ear plugs for Scott, sunscreen for both of us, and who knows what else?

Vacation: so close I can almost taste it!

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Mommy Joy said...

looking forward to a vacation is a really cool thing to do, eh? i'm jealous!