16 February, 2006

Piggy Madness

I had a formal request from Matthew for more pictures on the blog. Here ya go Matt -- a little baby love just for you!

She looks absolutely terrified in the picture, and she probably was. I had just finished changing her food dish and water bottle and she's not used to me swooping in and stealing her stuff.

In case you're wondering, she's sitting on top of the yellow fleece hat I put in her cage so she'd have something warm to snuggle with. She generally sleeps inside or under it, and it's so cute to see her little face poking out the side. And if I put fresh hay in the cage while she's in her hat, she moves the hat over and then you just see pieces of hay disappear underneath it.

Good news on the Chube front: she seems to like it. She's rearranging the fluff on the inside, and has found it a convenient hiding place when Scott or I invade her personal space. And if I can get a picture of her inside it, it will make a great addition to the (now re-titled) Pets in Boxes calendar I keep threatening people with.


Gram said...

Has her name been settled yet? Esther is a nice name for a guinea pig.

Janette said...

She's soooo cute! Just adorable...even with the terrified expression. Keep posting those photos!

Have the kitty cats had any interaction with her yet?

The ParkHopper said...

no. no no no.

maybe when she's a little bigger and less timid. and even then, I think it's cruel to them. "see this tasty treat? you can't have it!"

already, they smell rodent on me and look at me like I've been cheating on them!