15 February, 2006

Honesty Really IS the Best Policy!

Scott needs a suit -- or at the very least, a sportcoat -- for work this week. Don't ask me why - I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Of course, if you e-mail him, I'm sure he'll tell you. He found this out yesterday. I refused to spend Valentine's day at the mall, stressing with Scott over fashion. So we set out today when he got off from work to find a jacket.

"Everyone at work" recommended the Burlington Coat Factory, and told him that there was one at the Prime (formerly Bells) Outlets on I-Drive. So we went there. There was no BCF. So we called Reyna and asked her to look it up online, since she has a job with free time and internet access. The closest one was over by the Florida Mall. We went, and struck out. So we hit the mall. We started at Penney's (didn't I say I wasn't going back there again?) and struck out there. Then we went to Sears expecting to strike out again... you know... because it's Sears.

Imagine my shock when Scott found exactly what he was looking for! There, with angels singing and spotlight shining down, was the almost-perfect black jacket. "The" jacket didn't have a tag on it, and there were two types of jackets on the rack - one with tacky gold buttons priced at $99, and one like Scott's with black buttons for $145. We were really tempted to bring up "the" jacket and a $99 jacket to ring up, figuring they wouldn't notice the minor difference, but decided to play it honest. Imagine our shock when the cashier rang up the jacket with the tag that said $145 and the price was only $79! We laughed about our good fortune all the way out to the car. The sleeves on "the" jacket are about an inch too long, but it's good enough for right now. We may take it to the local dry cleaner and have the sleeves taken up later on... but it's us we're talking about... we'll probably forget!

We celebrated our good fortune with $11 worth of all-you-can-eat pizza and Sprites from CiCis, and then went home at watched Idol (my early picks - Paris and Kelly. Scott's pick - Tyler) and played with the nameless pig. She sat with Scott for about 20 minutes, but he was nervous that she was nervous, so I took her. She ate a piece of hay from me, and then pooped not 30 seconds later.

Speaking of the baby, I'm really not feeling like she's a Milli. I say the name, and it just doesn't fit. You just shouldn't name a baby you haven't met yet! I like Uma Sophie cuz then her initials are US - great for Olympic Spirit and for "us." Or maybe Valentine, but that's *so* cliche!

I bought her a Chube today. What's that? It's a glorified giant toilet paper roll with fluffy bedding inside. She can run through it, sleep in it, climb it, chew on it... it's an all purpose accessory! Or she can just stare suspiciously at it from underneath the fleece ski cap that I gave her before.


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Janette said...

Fingers crossed for Scott and his adventure today. If I know him he's very nervous. Little Milli Uma Sophie was probably getting the vibe off of him rather than the other way around.