24 February, 2006

Longest Week Ever?

My mantra tonight was "think about next Thursday..." That's how I made it through. Thursdays are generally tough at work because not only is it my Monday, but we're also short-handed at the Help Desk.

Of course, things are pretty tight up at the desk right now. I feel rather bad for our management. There's A, who quit; B, on vacation through this Satuday; C, on bereavement leave until next Thursday; D, whose husband is in the hospital, ME, whose vacation starts Tuesday, and E, F, and G who are contemplating moving out of the Help Desk if they don't get a bid they like next week. *gulp* Keep in mind, we're a team of 15. That's a lot of drama for such a small group!

Anyway, by this time next week I'll probably be asleep (a sweet daquari-induced sleep), more than halfway to Nassau, and I'll be 27!

Of course, in order to get to this time next week, I'm going to have to work four more days (although calling in does sound more pleasant!), babysit on Saturday plus Tuesday and Wednesday, finish packing, and find a kitty/piggy sitter (hoping Beth will return the favor since I've been watching her place while she's been off gallivanting across the country getting married and stuff).

Time to turn those daydreams into real dreams.
Good night!

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