17 February, 2006


With my husband working 7 days this week, I've had to pick up some of my own slack. Yesterday I cooked lunch (ok, I nuked noodles & sauce). Today I'm doing laundry and cooking lunch. It's just one load of lights, but it's nice to know that every now and then I can remember how to do something productive! The jury is still out on lunch - it may be another pack of noodles & sauce.

Scotty come home!

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Janette said...

I'm bragging! Today for lunch I had shark steak and fresh artichoke with hollandaise sauce.

Okay the shark steak was left over from last night, the hollandaise sauce was out of a pack and to cook an artichoke all you have to do is steam it. The point is it was tasty and I felt like a grown up having a real lunch instead of my usual cheese and crackers.

I know you really have to miss Scott. When do you guys go back to a "normal" schedule?