21 February, 2006

Wash Your Door, Lady?

Yesterday I was unloading the dishwasher (no, that's not the interesting part of the story!!) and heard a strange scratching at my door. So I went over and looked out the peephole and there was a little Puerto Rican man with a squirt bottle washing my door. Two thoughts immediately went through my mind:

1. Is the door locked? No. OK, lock it very quietly so he doesn't think I'm paranoid.
2. Is he employed by the apartment complex to be washing doors? Maybe I should call and find out...

All I could think of was those homeless people in cities who wash windshields at red lights. I thought this guy was going to wash my door and then knock and ask for a tip! I didn't bother calling the office, and he ultimately left without knocking. I was glad I locked the door when I did though, because he washed the doorknob a minute later and it jiggled a little bit and I totally would've freaked out if the door wasn't locked.


Janette said...

That's amazing!!! In the apartments that Mom lived in it was like pulling teeth to get things fixed and at your place they clean your door? I am so impressed. Of course that in no way makes up for the fire alarm crap you have to put up with.

mommyjoy said...

Was it the office who sent the guy, or was it a burglar with a door washing rouse?

The ParkHopper said...

we're assuming it was the office. I checked on Beth's apartment last night and her door was clean too.